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Angel and the Badman

Angel and the Badman (1947)

PG  - Classic, Western, Romance

1hr 40min

Written and directed by James Edward Grant

Starring John Wayne, Gail Russell, Harry Carey

One of John Wayne's most mystical films, ANGEL AND THE BADMAN is also the first production that Wayne personally produced.

The star plays a wounded outlaw who is sheltered by a Quaker family. Attracted to the family's angelic daughter Gail Russell, the hard-bitten Wayne undergoes a slow and subtle character transformation; still, he is obsessed with killing the man (Bruce Cabot) who murdered his foster father. The storyline traces not only the regeneration of Wayne, but of the single-minded sheriff (Harry Carey) who'd previously been determined to bring Wayne to justice.

Not a big hit in 1947, ANGEL AND THE BADMAN has since become the most frequently telecast of John Wayne's Republic films, thanks to its lapse into Public Domain status in 1974.

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Meet John Doe

Meet John Doe (1941)

Not Rated - Classics, Comedy, Drama

2hrs 2 min

Directed by Frank Capra

Written by Richard Connell, Robert R. Presnell, Sr., Robert Riskin

Starring Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold

A reporter (Barbara Stanwyck) writes a fictitious column about someone named "John Doe," who is distraught at America's neglect of the little people and plans to kill himself. The newspaper then hires a ballplayer-turned-hobo (Gary Cooper) to pose as John Doe. In a series of radio addresses written by a publisher with fascist leanings, Doe captures the public's imagination. When he finally realizes he has been used, Doe comes to his senses and becomes the man he never knew he could be.

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My Favorite Brunette

My Favorite Brunette (1947)

Not Rated - Classics, Comedy, Mystery

1hr 27min

Directed by Elliott Nugent

Screenplay by Edmund Beloin, Jack Rose

Starring Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorre

Awaiting execution, Bob Hope, as Ronnie Jackson, tells the gathered reporters how he got into his present predicament. It seems that Hope was once a baby photographer, his office adjacent to the one leased by a private detective. Hope's trouble begins when he is mistaken for the detective by beautiful client Carlotta Montay, played by Dorothy Lamour.

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My Favorite Brunette

The Outlaw (1943)

G - Classics, Comedy, Romance

1hr 56min

Directed by Howard Hughes, Howard Hawks

Screenplay by Jules Furthman

Starring Jack Buetel, Thomas Mitchell, Jane Russell

This off-beat western is best remembered for the scandal surrounding its release, most of it having to do with the supposedly erotic scenes involving Jane Russell who plays the busty siren who steals the heart of Billy the Kid (Jack Buetel). The highly fictionalized story centers on the rivalrous, tentative friendships between the Kid, Doc Holiday (Walter Huston) and Pat Garrett (Mitchell Thomas). Many of the most racy scenes were cut out to appease the censors, therefore different versions are available with the original 117 minute cut being the most difficult to find.

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