Box Office

img_boxofficeHours of Operation:

Opens 30 minutes prior to first show of the day.
Closes 30 minutes after last show of the day goes up.


General $10.25
(After 6pm Fri, Sat & Holidays)
(Matinee 3:15pm and earlier)
Seniors (65 & up) $7.00
Seniors (65 & up)
(After 6pm Fri, Sat & Holidays)
Children (2-12) $7.00
Effective: December 11, 2014. Does not apply to special events
Advance tickets available for all shows:
(415) 924-5111
(415) 329-1732
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Download a Fax Order Form. Fax orders accepted until 9pm the day before event. (see also our Seating Chart)

Our schedule

It is important that you check our website to see what films are showing and when they start.
Special events as well as film length sometimes require day-to-day schedule changes.

Film Booking

Films play week-to-week from Friday through Thursday. Every Monday we determine what new film will start on Friday, what current film will end on Thursday, or what current film will continue through Friday for another week.
The only exception to this schedule may be Thanksgiving and Christmas week. All films are subject to this week-to-week decision making process. These decisions are made after discussions with the film distributors.
After we decide on Monday (Tuesday at the latest) what new film will start on Friday, we immediately let you know on our website and on our box office phone message 415 924-5111 and on our marquee.

We'll send you an email message every week as to what is coming and going on Friday. To sign up send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

When will a film's run end?

This is most important, since it's about grabbing that last chance to see a film. This decision happens by the same process: we decide on Monday which film will end on Thursday. We immediately let you know on our website and our phone message 415 924-5111. If you've signed up for our weekly email newsletter, we'll also inform you that way.

Why don't we have a fixed schedule?

In order to lock into a fixed schedule (with the attendant lead-time), we would get films much later in their runs. If we move on from a film that is doing well, its distributor won't give us their films as readily (or at all) in the future.
We try to keep the films coming to you at a constant rate, but every once in a while we seem to get stuck. It's a little frustrating. But be patient, more good films are eventually coming!

Over the course of a year, there will be many films that we won't get to play. Why? It's usually because of initial unavailability, followed by an early video release. And we only have one screen. Be assured, though, we try very hard to always play good quality film.

We hope to continue to be responsive to your needs, so please continue to make suggestions and let us know how you like