They Call Us Monsters
They Call Us Monsters


The panel will be Keith Wattley, the founder and executive director of UnCommon Law, as well as Michael Tyler, a former client who was sentenced to a life sentence as a teenager and was released from prison with the representation of UnCommon Law.

Michael Tyler was sentenced to life in prison as a teenager. After spending 18 years in prison, he was able to gain his release with the representation of volunteer law students working with UnCommon Law.

Not Rated - Documentary, Juvenile, Law

1hr 22min

Directed and Co-produced by Ben Lear

“Powerful and eye-opening”
- Stephen Farber, Hollywood Reporter

“A strong and free documentary that tacitly demands a better system that cares for education and all social circles."
- Erick Estrada, Cinegarage

They Call Us Monsters

In California, violent juveniles between 14-17 years old can be tried as adults. Typically, they are accused of heinous crimes--murders and attempted murders--that leave their victims' families shattered. And yet, they are still kids, with a greater capacity to change and one day return to society. What is our responsibility to these kids? And to their victims? Do they deserve a second chance? These are the questions legislators are grappling with across the country as they attempt to reform our juvenile justice system.

Meanwhile, behind the walls of the Compound, three violent juvenile offenders, Juan, Jarad and Antonio who all face decades in prison, are writing a movie as they await their trials. It's the story of their childhoods with the ending rewritten.

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