Rated R - Drama, Sci-Fi

1hr 53min

Directed by Michael Radford

Written by George Orwell (nove), Michael Radford (screen)

The Lark Theater is showing 1984 as part of a nationwide event screening at art houses across the country on April 4, the day that Orwell's protagonist, Winston Smith, begins rebelling against his oppressive government by keeping a forbidden diary.

1984 is stunning screen adaptation of George Orwell's prophetic 1948 novel about a world in which the government completely controls the masses by controlling their thoughts, altering history and even changing the meaning of words to suit its needs.

This is the second film version of George Orwell's cautionary novel. Winston Smith, a bureaucratic flunky living in a totalitarian state, breaks the law by falling in love with Julia. Attempting to escape, Winston and Julia are tracked down by the Thought Police and "re-educated" into loving the State. This was Richard Burton's final film and stars the late John Hurt as Winston Smith.

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Proceeds to benefit Canal Alliance

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Tue, Apr 4 7:00pm     Buy Tickets
* $7.50 Matinee prices before 4:00pm *

** $5 Early Bird Matinee Mon-Fri for the first show of the day - includes small popcorn!**