Become A Lark Theater Volunteer!

If would like to volunteer at the Lark Theater, please look over the Volunteer Opportunities and complete the Volunteer Profile form. You can fax, mail, scan & email OR drop the form by the theater at your convenience. Once we receive your form, we'll send you an acknowledgment by email and put you on our active volunteer list. Then we will call you as volunteer needs arise.

Thanks for your interest!

Volunter Profile Form

Volunteer Opportunites


"Volunteering at the Lark Theater is my investment in maintaining the quality of life of Larkspur and of Marin County. There are fewer than 10 single screen theaters operating full time in the US at this time. The ability to see a movie, an opera, a play, or live events in a small theater in your community is threatened.

The ability to keep a National Register of Historic building and an Art Deco Society honored theater open and available for future generations depends on the generosity of donors and volunteers today. Volunteering enriches my life and connects me to my neighbors. I urge everyone to volunteer, donate money, and see a program at the Lark Theater."